College student sits on bunk bed texting with comfortable mattress topper

Subrtex, the Topper Expert

For Big Dreams, A Cozy Bed

You know how it goes with those college dorm mattresses – not exactly the comfiest. But guess what? We've got your back! Our Topper-Notch mattress toppers are here to turn those not-so-cozy beds into a dreamland. Get ready for some seriously improved sleep that'll boost both your study game and your social life.


Upgrade Your College Zzz's

Experience the transformative power of quality sleep, boosting your focus, energy, and overall college experience. It's time to dream big, sleep soundly, and excel in your academic journey!

Girl woke up refreshed on pink setup bedroom


Consider our topper the cherry on top of your saggy dorm mattress.

Girl cleans up the bedroom


Dorm mattress has history; topper is fresh, exclusively for you.

Easy to clean mattress topper cover with washing machine


Topper cover is machine washable, ensuring effortless maintenance.

Graduates throw caps into the sky celebrating


Quality sleep fuels empowered life, setting the stage for your success.

No.1 Dorm Essentials

Got a tight budget, crave extra support, or eyeing some stylish vibes? We've got your comfy match covered!

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NYU student essentials: MetroCard, textbooks, and this incredible topper! It's the perfect remedy for a busy day exploring the Village or grinding through classes at Tisch.

K, Silverman

I personally favor the 4-inch option for its superior softness and support. Trinity House pals, what's your take?

C, Hills

Being a UMich student means conquering those icy Michigan winters. My go-to? This feather and down topper. It turns my dorm into a cozy haven, perfect for hibernating during those snowstorms or late-night study sessions.

D, cheung

As a professor often caught up in research, this topper revitalizes me, ensuring I'm energized and prepared for tomorrow's lectures. A game-changer for my hectic schedule!

Prof. Carlson

A female student lying in mattress topper and holding a down feather pillow comfortable

Embrace the Comfort of Home Away from Home

Drift into Your Dreams

Experience the ultimate in comfort, ensuring restful nights and energized days throughout your academic journey. Because in the hustle of college life, comfort is key, and your dorm bed deserves the best.

Two students chat in laundry room while waiting for mattress topper cover to be cleaned

No more wrestling with bedding

Unzip, Wash, Zip It Back

With the easy removable cover, simply zip off for quick cleaning and effortless maintenance. Now, with more time to socialize, you can relax and enjoy dorm life without a worry.

Check it out.

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