Do we still need sheets?

Do we still need sheets?

Many young persons thought there are wouldn't be necessary to wear the sheets on the mattress. Perhaps It has been a trend.
Those against the sheet have described it as “archaic”. They argue that top sheets are restricting and only end up in a crumpled mess on the bed.


41% of Older Americans Won’t Sleep Without a Sheet

Our main takeaways were as follows:

  • Overall, 58% of Americans agree or strongly agree that a sheet is essential.
  • Two-thirds of Americans aged 55+ feel a sheet is essential.
  • In fact, 18% of people aged 18-24 actually feel strongly against the use of a sheet. That’s in contrast to only 5% of those aged 65+.

Nearly 3 in 5 Americans Agree or Strongly Agree That a Sheet Is Essential


On the surface, it appears that the majority of Americans prefer to use a sheet.
However, when we look closer at the results, we find that the real difference in opinion comes out between respondents of different ages.
Older generations, in this case, Baby Boomers and older, are fiercely attached to their sheets. The younger generations, from millennials to Gen Z, are not fans of the extra cover.

The Number of People Who Feel Strongly About the Sheet is Dwindling

While more than 40% of Boomers feel strongly about top sheet usage, less than a third of Gen X advocate for the extra layer of linen. Younger generations use a sheet even less, at just over a quarter of respondents.
In fact, 18% of people aged 18-24 actually feel strongly against the use of a sheet. That’s in contrast to only 5% of those aged 65+.

Is Sheet Obsolescence a Bad Thing?

Sheets Keep Your Comforter Clean,

The purpose of a sheet is to create a barrier between you and your comforter while you’re sleeping. This is handy because studies show bedsheets are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. In fact, 47 species of fungi have been found on used bedsheets.
In addition to that, the average human sweats up to 26 gallons (ca. 98 l)  a year and our beds have to be dirtier than chimpanzees! However, machine washing, even at low temperatures, has been shown to kill bacteria like staphylococcus, so any bedclothes that lie against the skin at night should be put through a machine cycle regularly.

Which is why so many find the sheet to be essential. Theoretically, with your sheet as a barrier, you can avoid washing your comforter every week or two when you wash your sheets.



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