Tencel vs. Cotton Sheets : Which is better?

Tencel vs. Cotton Sheets : Which is better?

When shopping for new bed sheets, you have a lot of options. Beyond just the color, you also must pick with material fabric you like the best. The options are plenty, and the differences can seem minimal. Yet it’s important for your sleep, and thus your health, to make the right decision for you. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the differences between Tencel vs cotton sheets.

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What Is Tencel?

Tencel is actually the brand name of the lyocell fibre. The fabric itself is eco-friendly, as it’s derived from sustainably-grown eucalyptus trees without chemical pesticides, genetic modification, or any of those harmful things often used in material manufacture.

  1. Tencel care: Tencel properties

Tencel has a whole heap of great properties that are helping it to become increasingly popular for a variety of uses. It’s breathable, holds dye superbly and is very durable and tough. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin, making it a good alternative to cotton for baby clothing, and has anti-bacterial properties too.

  1. Tencel care: Does Tencel shrink?

Will Tencel shrink? It's a valid question! Washing and drying it incorrectly could lead to shrinking.

While it is a durable material, Tencel is a fairly a delicate when wet and is susceptible to being damaged by high temperatures, which is why it’s important to school yourself on Tencel fabric care ahead of the laundry process.

  1. Tencel care: How to wash Tencel

When it comes to washing Tencel clothes or you need to know how to wash Tencel sheets, always follow the washing instructions. Some Tencel fabrics may be dry-clean-only and soaking them in water could ruin them completely. Others may be fine to hand-wash, and some will be okay to go in the washing machine on a delicate setting. Have a good read of the care label and instructions before deciding what's best for your clothing or sheets!

Make sure you use cool water rather than hot and use a gentle detergent. Cool water and a gentle cycle should help preserve the fabric. If you can, wash your Tencel items seperately to avoid the fabric pilling.

Although you can put your Tencel items on a medium setting in the dryer, we recommend letting them air dry naturally instead. This will help preserve them!

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What Is Cotton?

Cotton is a fluffy fiber which grows on the cotton plant. It’s been used for a really long time in all types of fabric production. The human race has found the pleasure of wearing cotton since 5000 BC. Even in the modern world with an array of synthetic fibres to choose from, cotton is the most used natural fibre in the whole world.


  1. Cotton is strong and durable

Unlike other fibres that require delicate handling, cotton is always available for those who are rough with their clothes. You can get down and dirty with cotton and a simple wash is all that is required to remove the stains. The strong fabric will make your dress durable for a much longer time. Depending on the quality of the fabric, the color doesn’t fade away and your dress will look fresh even after a few washes.

  1. Cotton keeps you cool

One of the most important benefits of cotton fabric is that it is breathable. That is why cotton sheets are the most preferred form of bedding material. When you wear cotton, your skin will breathe comfortably and it can keep you cool during hot weathers. It is the perfect material to make workout wear because cotton absorbs sweat. Even when you are a sweaty mess, the cotton fabric will keep you away from the sweat trap with its moisture wicking properties. It is for this reason that cotton is the ideal choice of fabric for infants and young children.

  1. Cotton is odor free

The oil based fabrics don't absorb sweat and as a result, the dress will retain the odor. Cotton, on the other hand, doesn’t retain odor and it is an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. You can save a few trips to the washer because you can wear cotton more and wash it less. Any chance to not do the laundry is wonderful and you can save energy, water and time by wearing cotton more.

  1. Cotton is low maintenance

Cotton is a naturally occurring material that requires little care. All you need to do to wash the stains away is use an appropriate stain remover on tough stains and leave the rest to your washing machine. Unless otherwise specified, the cotton fabric doesn’t require dry cleaning and you can simply hang the clothes out to dry.

Which Is Better?

There are, of course, benefits and drawbacks when it comes to both Tencel and cotton. Tencel may be a better fit for those with slightly more specialized needs, such as very sensitive skin, issues with body heat, or concerns about hygiene. It’s also a great choice for those who value luxury. Nonetheless, cotton certainly has its own benefits and isn’t necessarily an inferior bedding choice. While cotton is by no means perfect, there is a reason it’s so ubiquitous when it comes to bedsheets. Often, the right purchase will come down to preferences on smoothness and feel.

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Why Subrtex Tencel Bedding Sheets

Between Tencel and cotton bedsheets, generally, Tencel will be a better option when sleeping hot. While cotton is good at staying cool, it is not good at keeping moisture at bay, while Tencel makes sure night time sweat is wicked away from the body.


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